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Superior Electric Machines Private Limited, a successful company spanning more than three decades in providing solutions to air movement in India and abroad by developing, manufacturing and supplying external rotor motors, axial fans, centrifugal fans, blowers, in line duct fans etc.. With single and double inlet and of various combinations of impeller profiles like forward and backward curved, custom made air moving equipments to satisfy customer requirements. We are also OEM for critical components required for manufacture of other air moving equipments.


We have our own testing and inspection procedures adhered to ISO 9001-2015 standard and each of our products are packed with a thrust on “QUALITY & RELIABILITY”, ensuring our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest standard.


Our production facility is backed up with a research and development wing which ensures that our products meet the requirements of each customer. New products based on energy efficiency, noise reduction, environment friendly, are added in our production line frequently.


By understanding our customers and knowing precisely what they want, we aim for a customer service approach that nullifies the inconvenience to customers as much as possible. Our in-house design team assesses the requirements and develops an air movement solution to suit customers’ needs. Any special requests shall be considered when developing a solution to meet their requirements.

We give importance for best possible efficiency, minimizing noise levels and vibrations which is a challenge within which we relentlessly pursue each and every day.

Our ability to supply products of the highest quality offering optimum performance and longevity of life is the end result of working successfully with end users in numerous applications to gain a total understanding of the needs of industry for over 32 years. During this time we have invested continuously in the latest design and manufacturing techniques and the people we employ, enabling them to offer the ultimate in fans and blowers technology.


Recognized in India as a leading fan & blower manufacturer, we have built our reputation by supplying products with quality of the highest level built-in from concept, through precision design, the entire manufacturing process, and final testing to prove performance ability. As a part of our long term strategy to retain our market position and customers requiring air movement technology and provide solutions to individual requirements, we design our products using the latest advances in CAD/CAM coupled with the skills, knowledge and expertise of our designers and technicians.